Our Policies

At Electrix Solutions we follow a number of policies, all are designed to ensure that our company operates in a way that meets or exceeds the requirements of all our stakeholders including our customers, our employees and our suppliers, as well as current legislation, and the environment. These include:

To view some of the policies below you will need to be able to open PDF files. If you are unable to open them you can download Adobe Reader for free.

Health and Safety

At Electrix Solutions we are fully committed to our duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant legislation. We ensure compliance with at least the minimum requirements and wherever reasonably practicable we aim to exceed them.


Electrix Solutions Limited strives excellence in every aspect of our business and in this pursuit we are committed to minimising the impact of our business operations on the environment.

Equal Opportunities

Electrix Solutions Limited is committed to promoting equal opportunities and values diversity and encourages fairness and justice. We do not discriminate because of age, colour, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or disability.


From time to time, in periods of peak business Electrix Solutions employs subcontractors. To ensure our usual consistent high quality of workmanship that our customers' expect of us, we have strict subcontractor recruitment policies in place. This includes completing a subcontractor competence questionnaire, a second questionnaire on acceptance, then the Manager responsible for the subcontractor also completes a questionnaire. Whilst carrying out work on behalf of Electrix Solutions Ltd, all our subcontractors are continually monitored.


Electrix Solutions Limited strives excellence in every aspect of our business and in this pursuit we strive to delight our customers and give them no cause for complaint, however in the event that a customer has need to, we aim to deal with all complaints fairly. To assist us in achieving this we have implemented a complaints policy.


Our privacy policy is outlined below.

We may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our site. This can include the use of "cookies" which would be stored on your browser and can be used to identify you. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening. We also use this data to perform statistical analyses of the characteristics and behaviour of our visitors.

Data Usage
Every time you connect to our website we store a log of your visit which shows the unique number your machine uses when it is connected to the internet (IP address). This tells us which pages you view; whether the page request was successful or not and which browser you use to view the pages. The use of this data is strictly for statistical purposes only. This helps us to understand which areas of the site are of particular interest and also which pages are not being requested. It also tells how many people are visiting the website.

Links to other Websites
For your convenience and information www.electrixsolutions.co.uk provides links to other websites. We would like to make you aware that these sites may have different security and privacy policies and that we have no control over and take no responsibility for any information submitted to these sites. Please consult the individual security and privacy policies of these sites.

We are committed to protecting your privacy.


Our accessibility policy is outlined below:

We make every effort to ensure our website is as accessible as possible to our visitors including the blind or partially sighted who use screen readers.

This website has been developed to meet Level Two recommendations made by the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and some of the criteria from Level Three.

As part of the design process we follow a list of accessibility guidelines:

  • Structure
    • We make the site structure and navigation is as simple, clear and consistent as possible
    • Provide a site map to clearly show how the site is organised
  • Content
    • We ensure we use one page per subject matter and that subjects are organised into sections. With each page and section being clearly labelled
    • Provide appropriate text alternatives for all images
  • Visual and other multimedia elements
    • Use only relevant images
    • Never use colour as the only way to convey information
    • Use a standard web font to make it easy for all to read
    • Provide support for adjusting the text size - in most cases the size of the text can be adjusted using standard browser and operating system options

Changing the Text Size

You can increase and reduce the text size by changing the settings on your browser as follows:

  • Increase or reduce the text size in Internet Explorer, view > text size
  • Increase or reduce the text size in Firefox, view > text size
  • Increase or reduce the text, or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing 'control' and '+'.
  • Increase or reduce the text size in Opera, view > preferences > fonts and change minimum font size (pixels)

More information can be found at abilitynet, sitemorse or w3.

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